How It WorksGet your free credit report with 3 scores followed by a credit review by one of our highly skilled credit repair experts. Our proven credit repair services identify credit report errors to help correct your credit and increase your credit score for a better future.

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Unprecedented Offer! Free Credit Report (All 3 Bureaus & 3 Scores) + Expert Credit Review & Consultation! Courtesy of Speedy Credit Repair!

Good credit scores can unlock endless financial opportunities, but tackling credit repair can look like a complex puzzle. At Speedy Credit Repair, we’re changing the game with a completely FREE experience:

  • Unmatched Transparency: Get a comprehensive credit report encompassing ALL THREE major bureaus (Experian, TransUnion, Equifax). This is unlike most services that only offer one or two!
  • Exclusive Triple Threat: We don’t just show you the report – we unveil ALL THREE of your credit scores. This unprecedented access, courtesy of Speedy Credit Repair, lets you view your credit health from every angle.
  • Expert Review at No Cost: Our credit repair specialists will meticulously analyze your reports, identify negative items dragging down your score, and point out missing positive elements that, if added, could be increasing your scores. Gain valuable insights on how to improve your credit profile.
  • Expert Insights – FREE: Once you’ve received your personal credit report review, Schedule a complimentary phone consultation with a dedicated credit repair specialist. They’ll answer your questions, and offer realistic expectations with a personalized strategy to your credit improvement.

The Choice is Yours:

Empowered by this FREE credit report with scores, detailed credit review & analysis, and an expert consultation you’ll be positioned to attempt credit repair for yourself. Or, if you’d prefer a credit repair expert to handle the process, Speedy Credit Repair offers full-service credit repair.

Transparency matters:

  • Exclusively for visitors 18 and over.
  • There is no need for a credit card or any form of payment for this free 7-day trial for credit monitoring. The option to subscribe at a discounted rate of $19.99/month, but there’s no pressure to continue.
  • We’ll even cancel it for you automatically if you don’t choose to keep it!
  • The credit scores provided are Vantage Scores, commonly used as educational scores.

Ready to unlock a brighter financial future? This incredible offer is yours, including the FREE phone consultation! (Phone consultations are in high demand and book quickly every day!)  Get your FREE 3-Bureau Credit Report with 3 credit scores, Detailed Credit Report Review with Analysis, and Free Consultation with an Expert Credit Repair Specialist today!

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Speedy Credit Repair operates on the “Pay as We Perform” model.
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Speedy Credit Repair

Negative items affecting your credit scores?

Speedy Credit Repair offers a free credit repair review to get to know you and your credit. During the review, we will inspect your 3 bureaus and scores, then we’ll include a detailed report of what is damaging your credit profile.
Once you’ve seen our review you can sign our E-Contract to hire Speedy Credit Repair to start immediately, or request a call to ask our credit repair expert anything about your credit or our services.

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About Our Business

Let Speedy Credit Repair: Resolve Credit Issues & Free Up Your Financial Choices

Fight for Your Fair Credit: At Speedy Credit Repair, our experts are dedicated to closely examining your credit report to identify inaccurate, obsolete, or unfair negative items. With 30+ years of experience and deep knowledge, we challenge these items and fight for the accurate representation of your credit profile.

Ethical Credit Repair Partner: We understand that trust is paramount when it comes to your financial well-being. That’s why at Speedy Credit Repair, integrity is our foundation. We prioritize realistic expectations and maintain a reputation for integrity and results. Experience the benefits of dealing with a company that understands that its existence relies on its integrity and actions with its past and current clients.

Free Credit Review: Transparency and Direction: Experience a personalized approach with our free credit review. Following this, you’ll have a conversation with our expert credit repair specialists to discuss your unique situation. Our team at Speedy Credit Repair identifies areas impacting your score, including missing elements that could be added to raise it.

Personalized Credit Guidance: While we may recommend credit repair services for specific errors, we also offer free expert guidance to help you improve your financial habits independently.

Find Your Financial Potential with Improved Credit: Positive credit opens doors to a brighter financial future. With Speedy Credit Repair, you could:

  • Secure better loan rates and save money on interest.
  • Qualify for enviable home rentals and secure your ideal living situation.
  • Get pre-approved for a mortgage and finally own your perfect home.
  • Increase your chance to gain security clearance for job promotions requiring it.

Why Choose Speedy Credit Repair?

  • We’re a legitimate credit repair company run by real people who advocate for accurate credit reporting.
  • Enjoy truly free consultations, honest recommendations, and clear communication with no sales pitch.
  • We go beyond credit repair, believing in financial literacy and credit education. Our detailed credit reviews determine if our services are beneficial, ensuring transparency and avoiding unnecessary recommendations.

Christopher Lahage
Company CEO

Christopher Lahage


Credit repair results are not the same for all persons. There is no set time or promised outcome for any client.  Even if two people had an identical credit file, there is a likelihood that both would produce somewhat different results. What Speedy Credit Repair can promise, is to work your account promptly to produce the best outcome possible on your service.

Beware of anyone telling you only what you want to hear!

Many will ask me to forecast or predict the outcome of their service, or the credit score they might expect. I never make predictions as to outcomes or scores because that would infer that I know the proprietary algorithm of “FICO”. Don’t believe anyone who attempts to have you believe they can do so.

There are time limits for how long negative credit can remain on the report. In reality, there is no “MUST”, and the creditor or the credit bureau can decide to have the negative credit items deleted whenever they please.

The “Free” credit scores that you see advertised on television and online are typically never those which are used in making retail or mortgage credit decisions. In fact, they are usually not even actual credit scores used in lending decisions.

Not at all! This is completely false. Debit cards are just like writing checks from your bank account. They do not get reported to the credit reporting agencies unless you somehow overdraft them, and then only negative credit is reported.

In most cases, No! Closing revolving lines of credit typically does the opposite. When you close revolving credit lines, you are reducing the available credit percentage from your profile.

The Credit Reporting Agencies (Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion) are privately owned businesses which are not dependant on each other for the data which they store or delete. If one or two credit reporting agencies adds or deletes an item to their report, it does not mean that the third is required to do so.

There are currently 28 versions of the FICO score. There are 10 for Experian, and 9 each for Equifax and Transunion. Each version uses all of the information contained on that bureau, but weighs the items differently depending on the purpose of the inquiry.

There are time limits for how long negative credit can remain on the report. In reality, there is no “MUST”, and the creditor or the credit bureau can decide to have the negative credit items deleted whenever they please.

Sadly, paying off collections or charged off items may actually harm your credit scores. I suggest speaking for free with one of our credit repair specialists who can explain some options, and when/if it is a good idea to pay one or more of these items.

You are absolutely correct to be cautious of anyone you are sharing sensitive information with. We are registered and regulated by The Department of Justice, Office of The Attorney General.

There are many things to consider when receiving these offers. Is the debt really yours? Does the company have the right to collect this money? How will it affect my credit report if I accept?

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