How It WorksOur proven Credit Repair Services identifies Credit Report Errors to help correct your credit and Increase Your Credit Score for a better future.

1. Credit Review

We’ll provide you with a free credit review discussing your unique credit report and expectations.

2. Rectify

We begin sending customized letters for your specific credit disputes and credit challenges.

3. Report & Regroup

You see real time results as we draw upon our vast arsenal of strategies to challenge questionable credit items.

Why Speedy Credit Repair?

Credit can affect everything from home loans, auto loans, rental agreements, bonds, licensing, insurance, security clearance, social status, and even employment. Bad credit means higher rates on just about everything related to borrowing money. Making a plan to improve your credit will help save you money.

Speedy Credit Repair works on the “Pay as we Perform” platform. This means no upfront costs; and you pay as we perform. Don’t take it from us- check out our awesome credit repair reviews left by our amazing clients.

See what negative items may be affecting your credit

Speedy Credit Repair offers a free credit review to get to know you and your credit. During this review we will inspect all 3 credit bureaus and scores. We will give you a written and visual analysis of what key factors are most damaging your credit profile. Once you’ve seen our review you might have us answer any additional questions about our service you may have.

You may also simply request an E-Contract and have us begin services.

If you’re ready to find out if Speedy Credit Repair can help you, please fill out our Credit Repair Application and we’ll notify you as soon as we’ve processed your application and completed your review. If you hire us, we’ll get going right away.

About Our Business

Our credit repair services can help you work to remove the inaccurate or unfair negative items listed on your credit report.

With Speedy Credit Repair Inc. you will experience the benefits of dealing with a company who understands that its existence relies mainly on its integrity and actions with its past and current clients.

We hope you will take advantage of our free credit review which allows us to identify the items which are negatively affecting your credit score and/or approval position with a would-be lender, mortgage underwriter, or hiring department. It also allows us to view your file to see if we think you might benefit from our service.

It does not serve us or you well to accept every client simply because they apply.

Once you have received your free credit review you may be invited to employ our services for credit repair. We may find during the review that some of our clients are not necessarily in need of our services but simply need our ideas on improving their credit situation. (Shhh!, We don’t charge for that!) We do not believe in signing all clients when all they may need is some good direction or professional guidance and solid information!

Christopher Lahage
Company CEO

Christopher Lahage


Credit repair results are not the same for all persons. There is not a way to set a standard time or result outcome for any clients’ service outcome. Even if two people had the identical file, there is a likelihood that both would produce somewhat different results.

Many will ask me to forecast or predict the outcome of their service, or the credit score they might expect. I never make predictions as to outcomes or scores because that would infer that I know the proprietary algorithm of “FICO”. Don’t believe anyone who attempts to have you believe they can do so.

There are time limits for how long negative credit can remain on the report. In reality, there is no “MUST”, and the creditor or the credit bureau can decide to have the negative credit items deleted whenever they please.

The “Free” credit scores that you see advertised on television and online are typically never those which are used in making retail or mortgage credit decisions. In fact, they are usually not even actual credit scores used in lending decisions.

Not at all! This is completely false. Debit cards are just like writing checks from your bank account. They do not get reported to the credit reporting agencies unless you somehow overdraft them, and then only negative credit is reported.

In most cases, No! Closing revolving lines of credit typically does the opposite. When you close revolving credit lines, you are reducing the available credit percentage from your profile.

The Credit Reporting Agencies (Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion) are privately owned businesses which are not dependant on each other for the data which they store or delete. If one or two credit reporting agencies adds or deletes an item to their report, it does not mean that the third is required to do so.

There are currently 28 versions of the FICO score. There are 10 for Experian, and 9 each for Equifax and Transunion. Each version uses all of the information contained on that bureau, but weighs the items differently depending on the purpose of the inquiry.

There are time limits for how long negative credit can remain on the report. In reality, there is no “MUST”, and the creditor or the credit bureau can decide to have the negative credit items deleted whenever they please.

Sadly, paying off collections or charged off items may actually harm your credit scores. I suggest speaking for free with one of our credit repair specialists who can explain some options, and when/if it is a good idea to pay one or more of these items.

You are absolutely correct to be cautious of anyone you are sharing sensitive information with. We are registered and regulated by The Department of Justice, Office of The Attorney General.

There are many things to consider when receiving these offers. Is the debt really yours? Does the company have the right to collect this money? How will it affect my credit report if I accept?

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