How It Works

1. Review

We'll provide you with a free credit review discussing your unique credit report and expectations.

2. Rectify

We begin sending customized letters for your specific disputes and challenges.

3. Report & Regroup

You see real time results and we draw upon our vast arsenal of strategies to challenge questionable items.

Pay as we Perform Pricing

Speedy Credit Repair works on the "Pay as we Perform" platform. This means no upfront costs; and you pay as we perform.

We do not charge for reviews or consultations, and there is NEVER a setup fee.

Our Credit Restoration Program requires a six month term and costs $133/mo due at the end of each month of service. In addition, we charge $25 for each deleted item per bureau only after it has been deleted. A maximum number of items charged in a given month budget can be set up prior to your service to accommodate your individual needs if requested. You will be required to have, and keep current, a Credit Check Total credit monitoring account which offers a 7 day trial for $1 which then becomes $29.95/mo; but can obtained for $14.97/mo with our help.

We only want clients that are committed to improving their credit, so we require that you commit to the entire 6-month program. We don't limit the number of items we will challenge in a given month in an attempt to drag things on.

Our efforts may take some time to show. We want clients that are willing to be patient and go on the journey with us. If, however, you are not realizing results by the third month’s end, we have included a contingency plan for that too!

We DO NOT automatically renew after the completion of the Credit Restoration Program unless it is likely to benefit you, and you ask us to.

Because we believe in results and want to provide exemplary service for all of our clients, we do not accept everyone into our Credit Repair Program.

To see if you are likely to benefit from this type of service we recommend you schedule a free Credit Evaluation now.

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Credit Check Total Instructions

Credit Check Total is a credit monitoring service run by Experian. We use it exclusively because it offers real FICO scores for all three credit bureaus and up-to-date information about your credit report. Businesses use FICO scores almost exclusively when evaluating your credit. The “Plus Score” or the “Vantage Score” can vary up to 100 points from your actual FICO score and are usually too optimistic.

Credit Check Total has a 7-day trial to get your FICO score and reports from Experian, Transunion, and Equifax for $1. After the 7th day, the trial becomes a membership which originates at $29.95/mo, but we can assist you in getting a 50% discount.

Your review will be completed long before the trial is near ending. This will allow you to make an educated decision on moving forward with only the risk of $1 paid to Experian.

Start now by signing up for Credit Check Total and having your login and password available for the application form.

Our Portal

All clients are provided with a personal and private link to a progress portal to which you will have “Live” access 24/7. This will keep you informed of your beginning score, your current score, a detail of the items we are working on, and the current status of those items. It also provides you with the security of knowing that someone is actively servicing your account without the need to call and ask.

There Are No Guarantees

I appreciate the opportunity to tell you about our service. The very first thing I tell any prospective client is that there are absolutely no guarantees!

I expect I will lose a large percentage of my clients by telling them this; however, this business demands that I don’t tell you what you want to hear simply because it sounds better. Rather, I’d prefer that you do not have any unrealistic expectations of the results you may expect. Although we are very good at what we do, the only thing that we promise is that we will diligently act on your behalf in regards to working your account.

Your Free Credit Review

Get started now by filling out our Free Credit Review application. Within 72 hours of completing the application we'll be ready with your credit review, often within only a few hours.

No inquiry will occur by submitting your application nor will it affect your credit score. We service clients from all 50 states and all U.S. Military Installations Worldwide.

I am very excited to work with you and look forward to getting your application and completing your review.

- Chris Lahage

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No commitment is required.
No inquiry will occur.